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Why use 4XR?

The 4XR Framework is a flexible support for schools seeking to develop the teaching of reading comprehension in ways that help students reach deep layers of meaning. The framework and accompanying strategies synthesise the most effective evidence based practices and are firmly rooted in research. Although the development phase of this project took place prior to the announcements about current assessment in English, the pedagogy developed pre-empts  a mastery model in English.

The project achieved demonstrable changes in teachers’ practice and increased subject knowledge. Pupil reading scores were raised beyond expected progress as measured using a standardised test.  Results from the standardised test scores show a mean increase +3.8 for the period October 2014 – June 2015  across measures of fluency, vocabulary and comprehension, indicating that the 4XR pedagogic framework developed as a result of this project and the selection of accompanying evidence based strategies had the desired impact on raising students’ achievements in reading overall. The test (New Group Reading Test) was administered to all year 6 and 7 pupils in the 9 project schools.

The full evaluation report is available from info@justimaginestorycentre.co.uk

Using the 4XR website

This website is structured around videod lessons which exemplify the framework and some of the 4XR strategies. Each lesson has been edited into smaller sections to show how it fits into the 4XR sequence. The main strategy used in the segment  is highlighted and there is a link through to a downloadable overview of the strategy. This is a ‘living’ website and more resources are being added all the time, so do come back and visit soon.

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We suggest using the lesson videos and discussion prompts as a starting point for reflection on existing practice in your school.

What similarities and differences do you observe?

Some of the differences may be subtle; are small differences important?

Key reading is signposted with the description of the strategies used.