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In order to teach reading well,thought needs to be given to the selection of texts. Consideration also needs to given to the potential that text offers.  Key questions for consideration:

  • what does the range of texts that a student experiences across a year look like?
  • what does it look like over the junior years and the first years of secondary schooling? How will the secondary experience build on what students experience in the junior years?
  • is there a balance of genre including fiction, picture books and graphic novels for all ages, non-fiction and poetry?
  • do teachers have a good knowledge of the books they are using to teach reading (whole class and group reading)? If not what are the main inhibitors and how can these be overcome. It is impossible to teach reading effectively without an in-depth knowledge of the text.
  • as well as texts used for teaching are classrooms well stocked with accessible and attractively displayed books. Is the library used to enhance wider reading?

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Further reading

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