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Year 6 A Christmas Carol

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In this sequence, Margo Rodrigo is working with a year 6 class.

Margo opens the lesson with an exploration of the word ‘greed’ after which she moves on to reading a new text using a ‘Think Aloud’ strategy. The students work through their ideas, making their thinking explicit as the text is revealed line by line. The technique is then applied to a visual text, which is connected to the first text. Having explored the way in which the texts are constructed and the meaning created, the students then apply their knowledge to the question, ‘what is the author’s purpose and intention in depicting the character in this way?’

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Exploring Words

Margo starts the lesson by asking the students to record what they know about the word ‘greed’.

Prompts for professional development

In what ways does a discussion about key concept words, prior to looking up dictionary definitions, aid reading comprehension?

Strategies used


Think Aloud

Margo introduces a ‘Think Aloud’ strategy and invites the students to share their thoughts as the text is revealed line by line.

Prompts for professional development

What evidence can you find that the students are using comprehension strategies such as,  making connections with prior knowledge, predicting, visualising, monitoring their own understanding?

Are there any misconceptions? How are they handled?

Would you do anything differently?

Strategies used

Think Aloud using a Visual Text

Margo applies the ‘Think Aloud’ strategy to a visual text.

Prompts for professional development

How can reading pictures in this way aid text comprehension?

Strategies used


Author's purpose and intention

Having explored the prose and visual texts with the ‘Think Aloud’ strategy, Margo moves on to ask the students to speculate about the author’s purpose and intention, using textual evidence to support their ideas.

Prompts for professional development

Have the ‘Think Aloud’ discussions enabled the students to think more deeply about the author’s intention in his depiction of Jacob Marley?

Is there anything that you would do differently?

Strategies used

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