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Year 5 The Iron Man

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In this sequence Rachel Wilson reviews The Iron Man with a group of year 5 students.

To start the lesson, the students read a review of The Iron Man extracted from a broadsheet newspaper.  Rachel asks the students whether they agree or disagree with the review’s assertion that the story is a ‘modern fairy tale’. After sharing their initial thinking, Rachel then distributes a set of illustrations taken from well-known classic tales in allow the group an opportunity to relate new learning to prior knowledge. The students identify the characteristics of fairy tales, which are then listed on post-its. Finally, the students decide whether The Iron Man displays the characteristics that they have identified. Post-its are arranged on the table to form a visual record of their ideas (graphic organiser). After the lesson Rachel reflects with the group, and invites them to consider the next steps for their learning.

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Lesson introduction (1) : reviewing a review

Reviewing the review. The students are asked to make notes about whether they agree or disagree with The Observer review of The Iron Man.

Is it a modern fairy tale?

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Sharing first thoughts

What is the teacher’s role in this exploratory phase? What sorts of questions does she ask?

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Making Connections

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Features of Fairytales

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Organising Ideas

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Applying Prior Knowledge to the Analysis of a New Text

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Reflecting on the Outcomes and the Process of the Lesson

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