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Year 6 Animal Farm

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In this lesson Suzanne Maille is working on Animal Farm with her year 6 class. They have read a few chapters prior to this lesson.

To begin, Suzanne reviews what has already been read in order to prepare the students for new learning. Suzanne has prepared an activity to ascertain what thoughts the students have about the relationships between the different animals. In small groups, they are asked to sort a set of animal cards, using the form of organisation they think most appropriate. They work independently in groups for about 15 minutes. Suzanne visits the groups while they are working.

Please note for sound quality purposes, groups were asked to stop working so groups could be filmed giving the reasons for the method of organisation that they had chosen.

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Lesson Introduction

Suzanne reviews what has been read up to this point and introduces the group task.

Animal Farm is perhaps more usually read in Secondary School. How well matched do you think the text is to this group of learners?

Strategies used


Group discussion with an ordering activity

The pupils explore their ideas in small groups. Each group has a set of animal cards. They organise and arrange the cards in any way they chose in order to show the relationships between the animals, as they perceive them.

Prompts for professional development

What role does collaboration play in helping the students formulate their ideas?

What difference would it have made if the groups did not have the cards for this task but had been asked to record ideas on a sheet of paper?

How would the task have been different if the students had been asked to arrange the cards in a hierarchy or continuum?

Strategies used


Explaining and challenging thinking

Suzanne works with groups, inviting them to share and justify their ideas.

Prompts for professional development

What role does the teacher take in this section of the lesson?

How do the teacher questions support the children’s thinking?

What do you find interesting about the children’s responses?

How important are the cards?

How would you build on this session in order to challenge the children’s thinking further?

Suzanne repeated this activity at a couple of key points in the story. How might this help the students to formulate ideas about the themes?

Strategies used

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