Just Imagine


A five step framework
for teaching reading 7 – 13


Opening moves.

    Capture interest
    Make new learning intriguing
    Make connections with prior knowledge and experience.
    Create a bridge to new learning


Build understanding

    Create time and space for learners to explore
    Provide opportunities for exploratory group work
    Explore, share, revisit
    Observe and make assessments


Capture and analyse ideas

  • Use a repertoire of graphic organisers to capture thinking
  • Assess and plan next steps
  • Chart progress through a sequence of work by revisiting, annotating and updating


Challenge and deepen thinking

    Scaffold understanding
    Provoke deeper learning
    Employ dialogue and discussion
    Equip learners with skills to build-on and extend each other’s thinking


Turn knowledge into understanding

  • Support students towards increasing independence
  • Reflect with students on what has been learnt
  • Reflect with students on the process of learning
  • Critically review teaching and learning